War After the End: Post-apocalyptic Narratives After 9/11

  • Lindsey Mantoan


This chapter builds on the ways in which scholars and artists have considered 9/11 as a kind of apocalyptic event; in response, post-apocalyptic narratives, which had previously been inspired by the Cold War and Y2K, now squarely addressed terrorism and twenty-first-century militarization. Particularly in light of the Islamic State’s rhetoric about the long-foretold caliphate and the end of days, post-apocalyptic narratives offer a mode of examining the contemporary condition of constant war and its roots in ideological, economic, and religious difference. This chapter looks closely at the television series Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009), the film and book series The Hunger Games (2008–2015), and the CW television series The 100 (2014–present), examining the way they frame war and apocalypse as a repetitive cycle.

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