Study on Big Data Visualization of Joint Operation Command and Control System

  • Gang LiuEmail author
  • Yi Su
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As more and more weapons and equipment are connected to the joint operational command and control system, the amount of information generated by the weapons and equipment is also increasing, which has brought tremendous challenges to the commanders and soldiers’ ability to make decisions. Based on the concept of “user-centered design”, this paper studies the information visualization method of the operational command and control system. The implementation of visualization is divided into three levels: user behavior, interaction architecture, and visual performance. Through the user’s task investigation, the logic of interactive architecture, and visual element coding, a joint air defense command and control system interface was designed. After a user test of the interface, the results show that the new design scheme is better than the original program. In this study, task research, design development, and user testing are used to propose a method of information visualization for command and control systems.


Joint operation Command and control Human-machine interaction Big data Visualization C4ISR 


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