Forward Ijarah Sukuk: Concept, Issuance, Structuring and General Governing Rules

  • Ahcene LahsasnaEmail author
  • M. Kabir Hassan
  • Rubi Ahmad


This chapter emphasizes the forward lease Sukuk by discussing its concept, issuance, structuring process, and overall governing rules to provide clear guidance on the issuance of forward lease Sukuk. This chapter covers topics such as the concept of the forward lease, general rules of forward leasing, istisna as an underlying contract in a forward lease portfolio, issuance of forward lease Sukuk, parties in Sukuk securitization, illustration of the process and phases of Sukuk issuance, and issues in forward Ijarah sukuk such as the steps involved in structuring forward Ijarah sukuk.


Forward lease Sukuk (Ijarah mawsofah fi al-Dhimmah) Issuance Structuring Istisna Salam SPV 


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