The Outpatient Partial Knee Arthroplasty

  • D. Bradley Minor
  • Henrik Husted
  • Kirill Gromov
  • Adolph V. LombardiJrEmail author


As rapid recovery protocols have become widespread, focusing on clinical and logistical optimization to reduce morbidity and mortality, shorten convalescence, and reduce length of hospital stay, the feasibility of doing knee arthroplasty as an outpatient procedure has become more apparent. Partial knee arthroplasty lends itself to being done in an outpatient setting for a variety of reasons. In the majority of cases, the exposure needed to complete a partial knee arthroplasty is less than for a total knee arthroplasty, leading to less tissue trauma. Consequently patients are able to ambulate further and have better range of motion and shorter hospital stays compared with total knee arthroplasty. In addition, partial knee arthroplasty has a lower associated perioperative complication rate as well as an extremely low mortality rate. For these reasons, many surgeons who may be hesitant to do a total knee arthroplasty in the outpatient setting may be more comfortable with a partial knee replacement. In this chapter we discuss the various aspects of planning for and carrying out a partial knee arthroplasty in the outpatient setting and then describe the authors’ protocols, at both a US-based and a European center, and results of outpatient UKA done at the US facility.


Outpatient unicompartmental knee arthroplasty Outpatient partial knee arthroplasty Same-day discharge Medical optimization Ambulatory surgery center Fast-track surgery Patient selection 


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