The Electoral Bloc to the Polish Referendum, January to June 1946

  • Andrea Mason
Part of the Security, Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary World book series (SCCCW)


This chapter analyses the accumulation of pressures that prompted Bevin to reconsider Britain’s policy of exclusive support for the PSL in early 1946. Anglo-Soviet relations were deteriorating; Britain’s precipitous economic decline pushed the country towards ever greater dependence on American financial assistance, limiting the scope of Bevin’s policy options still further. In the circumstances, British support for a broader based Polish opposition movement offered the possibility of resolving the country’s political crisis, as well as removing one of the most persistent sources of conflict in the Anglo-Soviet relationship. Bevin’s circumspect approach was increasingly at odds with that of Foreign Office officials, who counselled intervention as Mikołajczyk fought for his political survival as the PPR moved to consolidate its hold on power.

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