Management of the Sequelae of Proximal Humerus Fractures

  • Matthew R. PatrickEmail author
  • Thomas W. Wright
  • Joseph J. King
  • Bradley S. Schoch


Malunions, nonunions, avascular necrosis, and infection are well-documented complications of proximal humerus fractures and their treatment. Sequelae of proximal humerus fractures are relatively rare but can cause significant pain and functional deficits to the patient. The management of these sequelae is challenging and wrought with complications. This chapter discusses the initial evaluation, treatment algorithms, and surgical techniques for the management of proximal humerus fracture sequelae particularly as they relate to older patients with poor bone quality. By utilizing treatment algorithms and classification systems, and practicing evidence-based surgical techniques, surgeons can improve functional outcomes and reduce complications.


Proximal humerus fracture Sequelae Nonunion Malunion Avascular necrosis Infection Bone loss Arthroplasty Arthroscopy 


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