Arthroplasty for Older Patients with Fractures About the Knee

  • John C. WeinleinEmail author
  • Marcus C. Ford
  • Robert K. Heck


Fractures of the distal femur and tibial plateau are frequent in the older patient population, with fracture fixation often complicated by associated osteopenia, comminution, and arthrosis. Associated comorbidities also may affect outcomes in older patients. In younger patients, intramedullary nailing and locked plating are standard treatment options for distal femoral fractures, and plating and external fixation (fine wire) are standard treatment options for tibial plateau fractures; however, these options may not always be ideal in older patients. Acute arthroplasty may be the most appropriate treatment option for some distal femoral or tibial plateau fractures in geriatric patients. Unfortunately, high-quality studies comparing arthroplasty to other treatment options are lacking. Older patients treated with arthroplasty for distal femoral fractures appear to mobilize more quickly and achieve a higher level of wheelchair independence than those treated with standard techniques.


Tibial plateau fracture Distal femoral fracture Open reduction and internal fixation Arthroplasty Distal femoral replacement Fragility fracture Osteoporosis 


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