Continuing the Conversations: Introducing Volume Two of Sounds and the City

  • Brett LashuaEmail author
  • Stephen Wagg
  • Karl Spracklen
  • M. Selim Yavuz
Part of the Leisure Studies in a Global Era book series (LSGE)


This book is a sequel to our first book, Sounds and the City: Popular Music, Globalization and Place (2014). It continues the conversations by tuning into various soundings of urban life as measured out in music. As with the first book, which germinated in conversations among the co-editors as colleagues chatting about popular music—from recent gigs attended, new releases, books, memories, deaths, old favourites, and so on—our conversations carried through into this second volume, as popular music opens inexhaustible seams for discussion and questioning. Once again, this book will, in one way or another, expand upon the twin questions posed by Cohen (Decline, renewal and the city in popular music culture: beyond the Beatles. Ashgate, Aldershot, 2007, p. 3) when she asked what “popular music can tell us about cities” and also, in turn, what can “cities tell us about popular music”.


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