Supposition Four on Religion

  • Andrzej KaczmarczykEmail author


To enable control of the fear of mortality, humans have been equipped with genetic “survival gear”, instilled as a result of species evolution and making humans aware of a sense of divine. On this basis, religions have developed as memeplexes, composed of memes being “genes” of culture, in various geographical and historical environments. Religions serve for “virtual God’s stakes” helping to develop a tree of young civilization with good an evil as memetic fitness functions. However, at this development some unwanted side effects occur. Sacred texts of religions, however ambiguous because of limitations caused by ontology, semantics and context, in some aspects are convergent with scientifically grounded circumstantial evidences of Creation. Life after death can be continued by information-souls in other of the Creator’s universes.


Survival gear Memetic God’s stake Side effect Good and evil Life after death 

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