Neonatal Delivery and the Acutely Ill Neonate

  • Tricia B. SwanEmail author


The sick or crashing neonate is a stressful patient for any emergency provider. THE MISFITS mnemonic is a must-know heuristic for the potential causes of severe illness in patient under 28 days of age. The steps for the precipitous delivery of the newborn are a quick-glance guide to review prior to that EMS arrival. The newborn resuscitation medication flowcharts and the umbilical vein catheter (UVC) placement procedure checklist are some of the top “Quick Hits” in this book.


THE MISFITS mnemonic Congenital heart disease Prostaglandin Seizures ABCs Neonatal resuscitation MR SOPA ventilation correction mnemonic Newborn resuscitation medications Endotracheal intubation guide Umbilical vein catheter placement APGAR score 

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