Pediatric Antibiotic Guide

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This is a must-have guide to antibiotic therapy with both disease-specific suggested treatment and a quick guide to common pediatric antibiotics and their dosages. Truly a “Quick Hit” for antibiotics keeps you efficient while keeping your patient safe. The chapter even concludes with a table illustrating the bacterial coverage of the most commonly used antibiotics to ensure adequate antibacterial coverage as indicated.


Bites Cellulitis Skin Abscess Conjunctivitis Dacryocystitis Dental abscess Intra-abdominal infection Lymphadenitis Mastoiditis Meningitis Orbital cellulitis Osteomyelitis Otitis media Otitis externa Parotitis Periorbital cellulitis Pertussis Pharyngitis Pneumonia Septic arthritis Sinusitis Tracheitis UTI 

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