Glass and Coatings on Glass for Solar Applications

  • Ashtosh GanjooEmail author
  • James McCamy
  • Adam Polcyn
  • Zhixun Ma
  • Paul A. Medwick
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In this chapter we discuss the crucial role that glass plays in the ever-expanding area of solar power generation, along with the evolution and various uses of glass and coated glass for solar applications. We begin with a discussion of glass requirements, specifically composition, that enable increased solar energy transmission, which is critical for solar applications. Next we discuss anti-reflective surface treatments of glass for further enhancement of solar energy transmission, primarily for crystalline silicon photovoltaics. We then turn to glass and coated glass applications for thin-film photovoltaics, specifically transparent conductive coatings and the advantages of highly resistive transparent layers. Finally, we discuss the use of coated glasses as mirrors for concentrated solar power applications. We also discuss various fundamental and manufacturing challenges for glass and coatings on glass in solar applications.



We appreciate the support from Vitro Glass, and especially Vitro Architectural Glass, for the work reported in this chapter. We thank Dr. D.J. O'Shaughnessy, Director, Glass R&D, Vitro Architectural Glass, for his continued encouragement and support during the writing of this chapter. Thanks are due to Dr. M. Arbab for his guidance and support during some of the work reported here. We also thank Dr. James Finley for his guidance, critical reading and comments. Thanks to Dr. S. Narayanan for his comments on the TCO section of the chapter. We thank L. Shelstak for his contributions to the work reported here. One of the authors (P.A.M.) especially thanks colleagues from PPG, Inc. and Vitro Architectural Glass, Dr. Andrew V. Wagner, Dr. Brian Rearick, Dr. Benjamin Kabagambe, Dr. K. Koram, Matthew Scott, Luke Kutilek, and Michael Buchanan for their contributions to the development of the Solarphire®HVM solar mirror technology. Thanks are due to library staff, Amy Watson, Carrie Wardzinski (both PPG, Inc.), and Beverly Weston (Vitro) for help with references. A portion of the work reported here was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy through various awards.


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