Chalcogenide Glasses

  • Xiang-Hua ZhangEmail author
  • Jean-Luc Adam
  • Bruno Bureau
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Chalcogenide glasses are vitreous materials based on sulfur, selenium or tellurium chemical elements. They exhibit unique optical properties such as broad infrared transparency, high quantum efficiency of rare-earth ions emission, and high nonlinear refractive indices. In this chapter, the most significant glass compositions and their related structural models are reviewed. In terms of physical properties, thermal and mechanical properties are presented, and a special emphasis is given to optical properties. Experimental techniques utilized for synthesizing chalcogenide glasses are explained, together with the fabrication and properties of optical components like complex infrared lenses, infrared optical fibers, including photonic crystal fibers, and planar channel waveguides. Some applications in the field of thermal imaging and optical sensing are detailed.


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