Borate Glasses

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Borate glasses are both scientifically interesting and surprisingly practical. As additives to silicate-based glasses they can be exceedingly useful. This chapter focusses mainly on the mathematical relationships between structure and property. Atomic structure at both the short and intermediate-range levels was determined by various spectroscopies including nuclear magnetic resonance, neutron scattering, and vibrational spectroscopy. Properties examined include density, molar volume, packing fraction, the glass transition temperature, and stiffness. In many studies, these are model glasses that are relatively easy to make across wide-compositional limits at relatively low temperatures, but they do suffer from hygroscopicity, which leads to degradation of borate glasses in the atmosphere.



The National Science Foundation is thanked for its support of this research for over three decades. This chapter was written under grants DMR-1407404 and DMR-1746230. Several hundred students helped with this research and Coe College is gratefully acknowledged for much practical support.


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