Construction of Engineering Graduate Education System Based on Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ability

  • Jie Yang
  • Haining JiaoEmail author
  • Wenyu He
  • Zhenli Zhang
  • Pingguo Jiang
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Part of the Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series (LNICST, volume 243)


Implementing vigorously innovation and entrepreneurship of postgraduate is our country’s main strategy position in relying on science and education to rejuvenate the nation and making China an innovative nation. Firstly, the paper based on the idea of “interest-guided and project-oriented”, which structures the training system of ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, relying on research projects and science and technology contests, breaking down the barriers, going to make it more open, practice training, advocating autonomous learning under the guidance of “tutors and seniors”. Secondly, building practice education system based on uniting the university, government and corporations, making the needs of enterprise’s scientific and technological become preliminary research for postgraduates to research, they can improve abilities of practical, self-study, innovation and entrepreneurship in scientific practice. Finally, strengthening process management and supervision to ensure that all kinds of well-designed and continuously improved mechanisms, policies and systems can be implemented. Researching project can create a good academic atmosphere, optimize the training mechanism, improve the teaching quality and enhance self-learning ability, practical ability and innovation and entrepreneurship ability of graduate students.


Innovation Entrepreneurship Quality education Graduate students 



This research work was supported in part by Research Project of Degree and Graduate Education Reform of Jiangxi province JXYJG-2017-117, YJG2017007, and in part by Teaching Reform Research Project of Jiangxi province JXJG-16-7-8.


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  • Jie Yang
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  • Haining Jiao
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    Email author
  • Wenyu He
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  • Zhenli Zhang
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  • Pingguo Jiang
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  1. 1.Jiangxi University of Science and TechnologyGanzhouChina

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