SDF-Net: Real-Time Rigid Object Tracking Using a Deep Signed Distance Network

  • Prayook JatesiktatEmail author
  • Ming Jeat Foo
  • Guan Ming Lim
  • Wei Tech Ang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10860)


In this paper, a deep neural network is used to model the signed distance function (SDF) of a rigid object for real-time tracking using a single depth camera. By leveraging the generalization capability of the neural network, we could better represent the model of the object implicitly. With the training stage done off-line, our proposed methods are capable of real-time performance and running as fast as 1.29 ms per frame on one CPU core, which is suitable for applications with limited hardware capabilities. Furthermore, the memory footprint of our trained SDF-Net for an object is less than 10 kilobytes. A quantitative comparison using public dataset is being carried out and our approach is comparable with the state-of-the-arts. The methods are also tested on actual depth records to evaluate their performance in real-life scenarios.


Deep neural network Signed distance Object representation Object tracking Depth image 


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  • Ming Jeat Foo
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  • Guan Ming Lim
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  • Wei Tech Ang
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