Generality of the Wave Property Manifestation of Matter in Processes of Fractal Structuring and Generation of the Geometry of Density-Unstable Natural Formations

  • Oleg V. PetrovEmail author
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Among the many structural features appearing throughout the Universe, including the Earth and its surrounding layers, the attention of contemporary scientists is drawn to the spontaneous structuring of these natural systems and the geometric commonality of the emerging structural forms, i.e., in terms of their cellular (square, hexagonal, polygonal) geometry. The structural similarity of these forms is revealed to be independent of the nature and scale of their manifestation, a factor having already been emphasised by many researchers from a philosophical perspective (V. V. Piotrovsky, M. A. Sadovsky, Yu. M. Pushcharovsky, V. E. Khain, L. I. Krasny, etc.). This has led the scientific community towards the view that the external manifestations of the spontaneous structuring and redistribution of masses in nonequilibrium density distribution in natural systems may be explained in terms of a transphenomenal physical mechanism. This perception is strengthened still further by turning to the applied natural scientific fields of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, oceanology, meteorology and geophysics, where the same geometric commonality of spontaneous structuring can be seen as underlying otherwise apparently scattered examples.


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