Intolerance to Oral Intake, Refractory Nausea, and Vomiting

  • Aaron Lee
  • Samuel SzomsteinEmail author


Obesity is not only an epidemic in the United States, but it has been observed beyond the western hemisphere as a pandemic phenomenon around the world. Obesity has become one of the leading healthcare problems today that carries potential socioeconomic burden to the society as a whole. Many medical and surgical therapies have become available to the public with great success. Among all of the available therapies, weight loss surgery has become the gold standard treatment because of its durability and reproducible weight loss with resolution of comorbidities. Therefore, bariatric operations have become one of the fastest-growing operations performed. As with all surgeries that are performed today, bariatric procedures, although safe and effective, are not free from potential complications.


Bariatric PO intolerance Stricture Nausea Vomiting 


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