Gastric Plication

  • Samuel Ordoñez Ortega
  • Eduardo Valdivieso Rueda
  • Juan Pablo Pantoja
  • Mauricio Sierra


LGP is a restrictive procedure recently introduced to the armamentarium of the bariatric surgeon. The operation follows a similar principle as the LSG, which is to construct a narrow gastric tube with restricted drainage from the pylorus. The surgical principle for LGP is to reduce the gastric capacity by folding the stomach onto itself with one or two layers of nonabsorbable sutures. No staplers are required, nor major gastric resection is performed. This makes for a less expensive approach with relatively low rate of complications. While early results have demonstrated efficient weight loss and metabolic control, there seems to be a marked tendency for revision surgery and conversion to more aggressive approaches because of inadequate weight loss control in the mid- and long term.


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The authors thank Dr. Antonio López Corvalá for his help and images to produce this chapter.


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