History of Bariatric Surgery

  • Mariano Palermo
  • Tripurari Mishra
  • Rami Lutfi


From a symbol of beauty and wealth to a burden for negative stigma, the perception of overweight and severe obesity has transformed over the years, until our current times; it is now recognized as a multifactorial and potentially dangerous disease.

Despite the evidence, obesity continues to be considered by many, even in health care, a choice rather than a disease.

Its complex nature, the lack of understanding, and the significant role of behavioral factors justified discrimination, negative opinions about obesity, and its treatment modalities.

While many believe it to be a product of civilization, obesity dates back as early as our genesis. It was, however, the exception due to its rarity, as opposed to the growing epidemic we see at our recent times where at least one in three Americans is at least overweight.


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