The Impacts of Additive Manufacturing on Production Systems

  • Douglas Rafael VeitEmail author
  • Daniel Pacheco Lacerda
  • Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi
  • Aline Dresch
  • Luis Henrique Rodrigues
  • Pedro Nascimento de Lima
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering book series (LNMIE)


Additive Manufacturing adoption has been growing in adoption in the last decades, holding the potential to fundamentally transform traditional production systems. Yet, its prospected impact on Production Systems and Operations Strategy is controversial. This article contributes to this debate by examining and summarizing the prospected impact of Additive Manufacturing on Production Systems, in the light of the Competitive Dimensions through a Systematic Literature Review. In particular, this paper organises this debate by highlighting the specific impacts prospected by the literature for each competitive dimension.


Additive manufacturing Production systems Competitive factors 


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  • Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi
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  • Aline Dresch
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  • Pedro Nascimento de Lima
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