Aligning Analytics with Marketing Strategy: Using Analytics to Drive Marketing Strategy with New Media Applications

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  • Atif Ashraf
Part of the Advances in Analytics and Data Science book series (AADS, volume 1)


This chapter discusses how changes in the business and technological landscape affect marketing practice in industry and academic research. One difference is that marketers have turned to new media and digital marketing tools to understand better their customers and how they interact with their brand. Another development has been the steady convergence between published marketing theory in the academic literature and practitioner research. The chapter also draws attention to how new media marketing and analytics has fostered new insights about the customer journey, such as the creation of the loyalty loop and the need for alignment in marketing strategy. The implications for analytics education are also examined in the chapter with recommendations for curricula shifts and training as they relate to higher demand for and a shortage of qualified graduates. The chapter concludes with a case study, “Einstein Health System: Erectile Dysfunction,” which provides a straightforward illustration of the potential benefits for an organization to align their analytical methods with their marketing strategy.


Marketing strategy Customer journey New media marketing Digital marketing tools Analytics education Alignment 


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