Practical Implementation Strategies for Outpatient Neurology Palliative Care

  • Nicholas B. Galifianakis
  • Maya Katz
  • Benzi M. KlugerEmail author


In this chapter, we provide a framework and practical strategies for implementing palliative care in the outpatient neurology setting. This includes tips for incorporating palliative care principles into routine outpatient care as well as strategies for developing general or subspecialty team-based neuropalliative care clinics. We review several different models of outpatient palliative care suitable for both academic and community-based settings and provide checklists as a starting point to standardize team membership, team members’ roles and the referral process. We share tips for clinic operations including means of handling both funding and cultural barriers. The chapter closes with suggestions for quality improvement within practices and implementation research.


Palliative care Neurology Outpatient Models of care Interdisciplinary team 


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  • Maya Katz
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