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Landscape Agroecology

  • Paul Wojtkowski

Chapter Commentary

The farm landscape (or farm-scape) has a number of roles. As in Chap.  3, the immediate landscape, which surrounds a targeted plot, can provide a range of plot-receiving eco-services. Also, Chap.  8 discusses the risk-countering possibilities inherent in a well-formulated landscape.

The landscape is far more. It can be a dominant theme within the body of agroecological thought. By extension, it can be an economic, ecological, environmental, and/or productive focal point.

Where, mostly if, the possibility exists for large-scale change, the traits associated with an ecologically promising landscape are known. The “if” scenario comes about because of the many impediments to change.

This chapter ends by presenting three agroecological categories. As a ranking of least to most, these also apply across all of agroecology.


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