Multi-Name and Index CDSs

  • Christopher L. CulpEmail author
  • Andria van der Merwe
  • Bettina J. Stärkle
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Credit default swaps (“CDSs”) based on more than one reference entity include bespoke portfolio CDSs with customized reference portfolios, basket CDSs with individualized reference portfolios and engineered payoffs (e.g., Nth-to-default CDSs and excess-of-loss CDSs) designed to reduce the cost of credit protection while tailoring such protection to the particular needs of protection purchasers, index CDSs based on a standardized set of underlying reference entities, and tranched index CDSs based on both a standardized set of underlying reference entities and pre-defined cumulative loss rates. The mechanics of these types of multi-name CDSs are summarized here.


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