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Preventing a War in Space

  • Linda Dawson
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A new race involving the commercialization and potential weaponization of space is accelerating. Recent technological advancements and overt testing over the past several years demonstrate increased international competition to achieve dominance in outer space. At the same time, it is renewing concerns that a war could occur in that arena, resulting in widespread devastation. We depend on space systems for navigation, communication, and exploration, as well as a multitude of other functions essential to modern life. The disabling of several key satellites is enough to introduce chaos into basic Earth operations that rely on communication and timing. If aggressive weapons are used, the resulting debris would most likely destroy surrounding spacecraft, creating more damaging debris in a chain reaction. The world economy could be shattered. In fact, the aftermath of space warfare could be equivalent to that of a nuclear war.


Satellite technology Dependence on space assets Nonkinetic strikes Air Force Space Surveillance System 

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