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  • Zhen (Leo) Liu


This chapter provides an overview of the organization of the book and suggestions to readers with different backgrounds and interests regarding how to use the book. We will first summarize the existing literature on multiphysics, the normal ways to learn about multiphysics, and especially, the lack of a general book on multiphysics. In this way, the users can better understand the purpose and organization of this book. The book is organized to reflect the understanding of multiphysics as a fusion of mathematics, physics, applications, and numerical analysis, which led to the major parts of the book: introduction, mathematics, monolithic physics, multiphysics, and numerical implementation. This book is designed for people with diversified backgrounds, from college-level students, engineers, and numerical simulation practitioners to experts in specific multiphysics applications, as a textbook, a reference book, or a technical book. Accordingly, detailed suggestions will be provided for the use of the book for different purposes.


Multiphysics literature Lack of multiphysics book Book organization Overview Background Suggestions to readers 

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