What Is Multiphysics

  • Zhen (Leo) Liu


In this chapter, the possible meanings of multiphysics will be discussed based on four definitions that can be found in the literature. Based on that, a clear definition of multiphysics will be reached to lay down the scope of this book. With this definition, more details will be shown about how to move from monolithic physics to multiphysics. The purpose is to bridge this common knowledge gap to help some readers who are familiar with traditional monolithic physics simulations move toward multiphysics. Detailed discussions will be made regarding the couplings and methods for developing multiphysics models. Finally, common types of multiphysics, as well as the essence and scope of “(physical) fields,” will be discussed to outline a big picture for multiphysics. This chapter aims to present the first comprehensive discussion on “what is multiphysics” to help readers understand and compromise the widely existing discrepancies in the definition, scope, and use of terminology in multiphysics.


Definitions of multiphysics Scope Monolithic physics Couplings Bottom-up Top-down Types of multiphysics Physical fields 


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