How to Get Even

  • Guillermo Rebollo Gil
Part of the New Caribbean Studies book series (NCARS)


Basing its analysis on the temporary occupation of one of the major expressways during International Women’s Day 2017, this chapter considers the possibilities of articulating and embracing a sense of belonging to a collectivity. Engaging Jodi Dean’s work on communism, it argues for self-critical form of collective thinking, formulated here as “we and I,” that is attuned and strives to overcome to the trappings of social privilege within the context of communal struggle.


The people of Puerto Rico Colectiva Feminista en Construcción #yomedesquito “We” “We and I” 


  1. Dean, Jodi. 2012. The Communist Horizon. London: Verso.Google Scholar

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  • Guillermo Rebollo Gil
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