Secure and Privacy-Friendly Storage and Data Processing in the Cloud

  • Pasquale Chiaro
  • Simone Fischer-Hübner
  • Thomas Groß
  • Stephan Krenn
  • Thomas Lorünser
  • Ana Isabel Martínez Garcí
  • Andrea Migliavacca
  • Kai Rannenberg
  • Daniel Slamanig
  • Christoph Striecks
  • Alberto Zanini
Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 526)


At the IFIP Summer School 2017, the two H2020 projects credential and prismacloud co-organized a workshop dedicated to introducing the necessary background knowledge and demonstrating prototypes of privacy-preserving solutions for storing, sharing, and processing potentially sensitive data in untrusted cloud environments. This paper summarizes the given presentations and presents the discussions and feedback given by the workshop attendees, including students and senior researchers from different domains as well as relevant non-academic stakeholders such as public data protection agencies.


Privacy Data protection Demonstration 


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  • Pasquale Chiaro
    • 1
  • Simone Fischer-Hübner
    • 2
  • Thomas Groß
    • 3
  • Stephan Krenn
    • 4
  • Thomas Lorünser
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  • Ana Isabel Martínez Garcí
    • 5
  • Andrea Migliavacca
    • 6
  • Kai Rannenberg
    • 7
  • Daniel Slamanig
    • 4
  • Christoph Striecks
    • 4
  • Alberto Zanini
    • 6
  1. 1.InfoCertMilanItaly
  2. 2.Karlstad UniversityKarlstadSweden
  3. 3.University of Newcastle upon TyneNewcastle upon TyneUK
  4. 4.AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbHViennaAustria
  5. 5.ETRA Investigacion y Desarrollo, S.A.ValenciaSpain
  6. 6.Lombardia Informatica S.p.A.MilanItaly
  7. 7.Goethe University FrankfurtFrankfurtGermany

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