Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)-Based Video Watermarking

  • Ashish M. Kothari
  • Vedvyas Dwivedi
  • Rohit M. Thanki
Part of the Signals and Communication Technology book series (SCT)


This chapter presents using singular value decomposition (SVD)-based video watermarking approaches. The experimental results of these approaches are also demonstrated in this chapter.


Binary Grayscale Linear algebra Singular value decomposition (SVD) 


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  • Ashish M. Kothari
    • 1
  • Vedvyas Dwivedi
    • 2
  • Rohit M. Thanki
    • 2
  1. 1.Atmiya Institute of Technology and ScienceRajkotIndia
  2. 2.C. U. Shah UniversityWadhwan CityIndia

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