Effects of Pedagogical Intervention

  • Gaiyan Wang


Two MANOVAs (multivariate analysis of variance) were conducted to analyze the test results. The major findings of the experiment are as follows.
  • –The experimental group significantly outperformed G2C in all four indices of CLIC.

  • –The experimental group did not significantly outperform G3C at three linguistic indices of CLIC, but it exhibited a significantly greater confidence in the constructed definition than did the control group of a higher proficiency level.

  • –The experimental group outperformed G2C in IVA, RC and LA, it performed at the same level as G3C in all three variables.

  • –The development of CLIC goes hand in hand with the development of L2 vocabulary learning ability and RC ability, but it has little to do with strengthening confidence in RC ability.


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