The Big Picture (Development of More-than-Moore Integration Technologies)

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Today prof Dracula is visiting. We – ATI – have relationships with a number of prominent professors in the field. We typically sponsor research on specific selected topics and get first dibs, so to speak, on their grads. As a part of these, the professors often come to RoCo and deliver a lecture and talk about the status of the sponsored project. For this one I get to be the host – since I was a relatively recent student of his. Hard for me to realize that it has been almost 5 years since I graduated. Wow. At his request, ever since I graduated, I tried calling him by his name – Andrew – but somehow “prof Dracula” seems to be hardwired in my head. Anyways, his lecture, as always, has been interesting and stimulating and was followed by a lot of Q&A. He is so good at that. I guess practice does make perfect. Afterward, the norm is that a few selected execs and the prof have a separate private lunch – an opportunity to get deeper insights from the prof. As a host, I get to participate in this one. Ha! Alex, Bill Mao, Steve, Dr. Cz, prof Dracula, and li’l ol’ me.

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