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Moses Judah Folkman (Fig. 1.1) was born February 24, 1933, in Cleveland, the son of a rabbi, Jerome (Fig. 1.2) ond his wife Bessie. As he said in an interview in 1999: “Dad was a rabbi, and if we were well behaved that week, you got with him on his Sutarday afternoon calls to thesick at the hospitals. And he would pray through the oxygen tents, and we would sit in a chair and be very quiet. And I though I would be a rabbi. And then, about age seven or eight, I told him that I noticed that the doctors could open the tents, and do thigs, and that I would become a doctor. And I thought he would be upset because he had expected me to be a rabbi, but he said “So you can be a rabbi-like doctor”. And then I knew tha he thought it was fine.” ( He decided to become a doctor at the young age of seven, after visiting hospital patients with his father. Folkman was pre-med student at Ohio State University in Columbus, and co-authored with the chief of surgery, Robert Zollinger, a scientific report which describes a new method of hepatectomy for liver cancer. In 1953, Folkman received the B.A. cum laude at Ohio State University and enrolled at Harvard Medical School. As a student he worked in the laboratory of Robert Gross wehere he developed the first atrioventricular implantable pacemaker with graduate student Fred Vanderschmidt, for which he received the Boylston Medical Prize, the Soma Weiss Award, and the Burden Undergraduate Award.


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