From Communism to Democracy

  • Yadullah Shahibzadeh


As the political passion of the 1960s disappeared in the 1970s and the debates on totalitarianism were fused into the debates on the crimes of the revolutionary age, the consensual democracy celebrated its victory in the 1990s. But as the consensual democracy began to produce racism in Europe and war and destruction in the Middle East, communists such as Rancière, Balibar, and Badiou introduced their perspectives on democracy. Whereas Rancière defended democracy as an egalitarian logic calling into question the institutionalized logic of the consensual democracy, Balibar defended democracy as initiatives taken from below forcing the institutions to make changes from above. For Badiou, the communist experience indicates that democracy can become the condition of possibility of justice and emancipation if it is an expression of the people’s convergence with politics, a politics “without party.”

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