The Educator Must Be Educated

  • Yadullah Shahibzadeh


Since the early 1970s, Rancière has argued that the stultifying idea of the political education of the working class has destroyed the communist movement to the point of irrelevance in the 1990s. For Rancière, every subversive critical discourse, which focused on political education of the working class has accommodated the dominant ideology and served the existing order. He reminds Althusser that the political effects of a statement reveal its truth. This means Althusser’s and Sartre’s approach toward their contemporary revolutionary movements discloses the truth of their political statements. Rancière rejects the idea of political education of the dominated because it reproduces the old materialism, which assumes that the individuals who must work and shape nature must be educated to fit within their situation, while the superior people must know and govern the circumstances.

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