When and Where I Enter

  • Jasmine J. Wyatt


Wyatt reflects on the meaning of Michelle Obama’s position as the First Lady of the United States, written from an African-American college woman’s perspective. It begins with a reflection upon Michelle and her juxtaposition in media with her family, and transitions into emotions evoked by images of Michelle by herself. The essay draws attention to the ways Michelle Obama has redefined and expanded the position of First Lady, so much so that she has been compared to the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt. She expresses an emotional response to the interaction of gender and race that Michelle embodies. It deals with identity, and asks the question, as an African-American woman, can one truly be satisfied with having an African-American woman serving as First Lady? Wyatt expresses her thoughts that Michelle Obama brought the dreams, realities, and hopes of an entire generation with her when and where she entered.

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  • Jasmine J. Wyatt
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