Downton (CR)Abbey: The First Lady, Hecklers and the Demise of Decorum

  • Lisalyn R. Jacobs


Written in 2013, “Downton (Cr)Abbey” served two distinct purposes: 1) to channel and share the author’s outrage when First Lady Michelle Obama was interrupted and heckled at a private event where she had been invited to give remarks; 2) and subsequently to launch the author’s blog, aptly named, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Using “Downton decorum,” as a reference point, the initial blog posts lift up the somewhat systemic nature of the Obamas’ (mis)treatment, suggesting that President and Mrs. Obama were the subject of inhospitable treatment that was connected to the bad actors’ sense of entitlement and lack of deference to either the Obamas themselves or the offices they then held.

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