Open Surgery for Zenker Diverticulum

  • Molly Naunheim
  • Albert L. MeratiEmail author
  • Philip A. Weissbrod


Although endoscopic surgery for Zenker diverticulum (ZD) has gained popularity and is often effective, open surgery remains a reliable and, at times, preferable method of treatment for this condition. No research has definitively compared the two techniques, and thus no conclusions about superiority can be drawn. Retrospective reviews demonstrate that endoscopic procedures require less time in the operating room than open procedures but lead to a higher rate of symptom recurrence. Open surgery is more invasive, and planned entry into the hypopharyngeal lumen creates the potential for a salivary leak. Surgeons should be trained and comfortable with both endoscopic and open approaches. The patient and surgeon should have a thorough discussion of risks and benefits of each method, choosing the approach most appropriate for the individual patient. A detailed description of the authors’ open technique is outlined below.


Zenker Dysphagia Diverticulum Cricopharyngeal Open 



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