Nail Bed Lesions (6)

  • Dirk Hochlenert
  • Gerald Engels
  • Stephan Morbach
  • Stefanie Schliwa
  • Frances L. Game


Pressure is the main factor inducing damage to the nail and its bed. Underestimated, insidious and repeated trauma facilitates deformities of the nail, and infection by bacteria or fungi (Onychomycosis). Skin compensates for pressure by a thickening of its superficial layers. The nail bed can do so only to a limited extent, as each thickening of the nail (Onychogryphosis) increases the pressure exerted within a shoe or facilitates levering. As a consequence, the nail bed is less able to react and protect itself than the surrounding tissue and therefore might provide an early sign of excessive pressure and indicate the need for introduction of protective measures.


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  • Dirk Hochlenert
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  • Gerald Engels
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  • Stephan Morbach
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  • Stefanie Schliwa
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  • Frances L. Game
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  2. 2.Department of Wound SurgerySt. Vinzenz Hospital and MVZ St. MarienKölnGermany
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