American Bucks and Austrian Buccaneers: Sun Valley—The Making of America’s First Winter Resort

  • Günter Bischof
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Günter Bischof’s chapter sketches the making of Sun Valley, Idaho, as the first American winter destination and the role Austrian consultants and ski instructors played in the development of Sun Valley. Bischof suggests that the role of the Austrian ski instructors (mostly from the Tyrol region) was essential not only in the making of Sun Valley, but also in the building of the 10th Mountain Division during World War II and the diffusion of skiing and winter resort construction after the war. As well as examining primary sources, such as the Harriman Papers at the Library of Congress and the Friedl Pfeiffer Papers at the Denver Public Library, Bischof builds on recent published and unpublished work on the establishment of skiing and winter destinations in tourism.



I would like to thank Philipp Strobl, Robert Groß, Hester Margreiter and Marc Landry for valuable advice in improving this work. Melanie Boulet helped with the writing. The Botstiber Foundation supported my research with a research grant.

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