Common Pitfalls

  • Livio Moretti
Part of the Management for Professionals book series (MANAGPROF)


The road to master the Distribution Channel is undeniably uphill, arduous and thorny. To ensure it does not become also frustrating, managers need to be schizophrenically minded: focus on the big picture and be paranoiac about the details. Along their journey they will need to find sound answers to critical questions and be aware of the multiple conceptual traps. For example, shall a vendor grant unconditional incentives? Why elasticity is often over-estimated and why targets are sometimes failing in reaching their initial objectives? Why Pricing potential is rarely fully utilized?

This chapter addresses the most inveterate and pernicious pitfalls and provides concrete solutions to those real-life dilemmas that hold many organizations in check.

While reading the nine monographies of this section you will visualize, anticipate and correct organizations’ most frequent methodological flaws. You will dispose of a toolbox to find answers to common problems, avoid frequent pricing mistakes and develop the much-needed problem-solving mindset.

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