Phase 3: Segment Channels and Partners

  • Livio Moretti
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Generally speaking, we might think that segmentation would not need a dedicated section within the Methodology. In reality, we realized that effective Channel Segmentations are rare, many marketers, disproportionately considering pure financials metrics, tend to cut corners and adopt too simplistic approaches. Companies with poor Channel segmentations are like car crashes in slow motion. They lead to unbalanced allocations, frustrated partners, lagging performance and ultimately put a spoke in the Go-to-Market execution wheels.

This chapter unravels the guiding principles and the methodological steps for a proper Channel Segmentation with easy to use frameworks, real-life examples and answers to the most common challenges.

By adopting this innovative segmentation approach, combining financial, behavioral and structural dimensions, you will identify the Strategic Partners and build a roadmap to make your Distribution stronger and loyal.

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