Around the World: The First Norwegian Newsreel, 1930–1941

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This chapter deals with the development of an interwar newsreel in Norway, Verden Rundt (Around the World, 1930–1941), which was released weekly. This was an integrated news programme, consisting of edited Norwegian actualities and news items from the Nordic countries, as well as items with intertitles in Norwegian from the major international newsreel companies Paramount News, Fox Movietone News and the German newsreel company Universum Film AG (UFA). Of all the nearly fifty annual screenings that were shown during the years 1930–1941, not a single newsreel issue has survived in its entirety, meaning that it is impossible to represent the programme as it would have been seen in its original setting, the cinema at Paladsteateret in Oslo. This study seeks to reconstruct what this news channel offered to the Norwegian audience. The main question it addresses is the extent to which the newsreel Around the World can be considered to be an independent channel for both domestic and foreign news in Norway in the 1930s: should it be seen as a genuine newsreel in its own right or simply as a compilation of international newsreels from abroad with some Norwegian actualities? The chapter is organized into three main sections which deal with the establishment of the newsreel in Oslo, the content of the programmes and the audience. Around the World was the first newsreel in the Nordic region screened in its own dedicated cinema theatre. The study shows that Around the World had an editorial staff which evaluated, selected and edited film material, initiated the production of news stories, and featured compilation news content from the largest of the international newsreel companies. This study moves the date for the establishment of the first edited Norwegian newsreel back more than a decade, from 1941 to 1930.

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