Prospects for Application of Gallium Arsenide Doped with Transition Metals as a Material for Spintronics

  • Stanislav S. Khludkov
  • Ilya A. Prudaev
  • Oleg P. Tolbanov
Part of the Nanostructure Science and Technology book series (NST)


This chapter is a review of the literature dealing with the production and properties of ferromagnetic gallium arsenide and the possibility of using it in spintronics. A study of ferromagnetic GaAs has been under way for two decades, and this material and the structures on its basis remain of great interest nowadays. In the review, the most attention is paid to the GaMnAs and GaFeAs materials, as well as ferromagnetic metal/GaAs structures. By the present day, the GaMnAs is one of the most promising spintronics materials. Despite the great number of studies devoted to the production and investigation of this compound, there exist urgent problems of raising the operating temperature of the structures based on GaMnAs increasing, for this purpose, the Mn content in the structures. The low solubility of Mn in gallium arsenide prevents from increasing the Curie temperature. Doping above this limit results in increasing the Mn concentration in the interstice and the development of individual phases manifesting both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic properties. Unlike GaMnAs, in the doping of GaAs with iron, a considerable contribution of the d-orbitals encourages aggregation of the Fe cautions and the formation of inclusions of the condensed magnetic semiconductor. The second-phase inclusions and Fe-based microclusters were observed in GaAs grown by different techniques. The paper discusses various effects for these materials: spin injection, giant magneto-optical effect, shift of the magnetic domain walls, interlayer exchange coupling, strong magnetic anisotropy, etc. The prospects have been shown for application of GaAs doped with transition metals in spintronics. A number of devices have been made, e.g., field-effect transistors and light-emitting diodes, a light-driven microactuator, magneto-optical materials, and magnetic field sensors.


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