A Brave New Digital Journalism in Latin America

Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 154)


In recent years, journalism in Latin America has been undergoing profound transformations. Confronting the stagnation or even decline of a large part of the big media industry, hundreds of digital native publications are surging up to challenge the traditional journalism landscape of this region. From the Caribbean to Patagonia, all 20 Latin American countries are witnessing the emergence of innovative online media projects that, in some cases, have already reached a high degree of consolidation. This chapter analyzes the origins, models and challenges of this emerging Latin American journalism. Firstly, it shows the historical evolution of these digital native media outlets. Then, their current characteristics are analyzed, focusing on their innovative ways to explore sustainable business models. Finally, the challenges for the future consolidation of these emerging digital media are examined.


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