• Antonio Contreras Cuevas
  • Egberto Bedolla Becerril
  • Melchor Salazar Martínez
  • José Lemus Ruiz


This chapter gives a brief introduction of general aspect of composite materials, including characteristics of reinforcement, matrix, and interface, and makes introduction about the main types of composites like metal matrix composites (MMC), polymeric matrix composites (PMC), and ceramic matrix composites (CMC). Generally, the components used in the fabrication of composites are different in properties, being one light, strong, hard, and fragile, and the other can have good toughness and ductility. The composite materials usually are fabricated to obtain properties that are not possible to get in the monolithic materials. Additionally, this chapter describes a classification of composites according to the type of matrix and reinforcement, taking into account the form of reinforcement (particles, fiber, whiskers, plates). Finally, this chapter includes a brief description of the different routes and techniques used to fabricate composite materials, explaining that depending on the technique used, they have a great influence in the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, hardness, modulus of elasticity, and wear resistance.


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  • Antonio Contreras Cuevas
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  • Egberto Bedolla Becerril
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  • Melchor Salazar Martínez
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  • José Lemus Ruiz
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  2. 2.Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de HidalgoInstituto de Investigación en Metalurgia y MaterialesMoreliaMéxico
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