Solidarity as Political Action. Crime or Alternative?

  • Óscar García AgustínEmail author
  • Martin Bak Jørgensen


Solidarity is a political action. It is a deliberate form of resistance against authorities (local, national, and international) and regimes. In the concluding chapter, we argue that solidarity can be unfolded as a crime or an alternative. In the first case, authorities react against acts of solidarity. In the second case, we argue that civil society tries to overcome the constraints of authorities and through infrastructures of dissent develop social and political alternatives and radical imaginaries. On the basis of a theoretical framework outlining solidarity as relational (constituting/constituted by relations and contestation) and spatial (constituting/constituted by space and scale), we conclude on how the three forms of solidarity analyzed in this book (autonomous solidarity—Hotel City Plaza; civic solidarity—Venligboerne; institutional solidarity—Barcelona as Refuge City) offer responses to the ‘refugee crisis’.


Criminalization of solidarity Refugee crisis Solidarity as political action Contentious politics Scales Spatialization of solidarity 


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