Esophageal Anatomy

  • Mariano A. Menezes
  • Rafael O. Sato
  • Francisco Schlottmann
  • Fernando A. M. HerbellaEmail author


The esophagus has a peculiar anatomy: (a) it is surrounded by important organs and structures, (b) it crosses three cavities: neck, thorax and abdomen, (c) its lymphatic distribution is abundant and erratic, (d) the organs and structures of the mediastinum frequently present anatomic variations, and (e) the classic anatomic description is different from clinical presentation. In addition, minimally invasive surgery also brought a restricted but magnified view of the esophagus, and available imaging technology forces the understanding of sectional and regional anatomy. For all these reasons, the knowledge of the surgical anatomy of the esophagus is essential for surgeons before performing an esophagectomy. This chapter reviews the surgical anatomy of the esophagus and neighbor structures of interest to perform an esophagectomy.


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