Academic Outreach in Non-proliferation: The Dual Space System Course

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The 1540 UN Resolution, adopted on 28 April 2004, affirms that “proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, as well as their means of delivery, constitutes a threat to international peace and security”. Moreover, it defines, among all, that all States shall (1) adopt and enforce appropriate effective laws which prohibit any non-State actor to manufacture, acquire, possess, develop, transport, transfer or use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their means of delivery and (2) take and enforce effective measures to establish domestic controls to prevent the proliferation the proliferation of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their means of delivery. Within this frame, the academia plays a fundamental role, for its commitments on researching, teaching, outreaching, spreading of knowledge and supporting institutions/private companies. In addition, this fundamental role has been demonstrated by the involvement of the academia in the comprehensive review process of the UN1540 Resolution.

To fulfil the UN indications, a technical course related to the Reg. 428/2009 and L.185/90 (respectively, the community regime for the control of dual-use items and the national law for arms control) has been set up. The course, nine university credits, within the Special Master in Aerospace Engineering, held at the School of Aerospace Engineering of the Sapienza University of Rome, investigates, in particular, the technical insights of the international non-proliferation regimes and of the international treaties, implemented in the Reg. 428/2009 and in the L.185/90 (Wassenaar Arrangement, Missile Technology Control Regime, Nuclear Suppliers Group, Australia Group, Chemical Weapons Convention).


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